Decoding Energy Estimation Tool (denesto)

Section 4

Energy estimations can be performed for the systems given in the above list. The system is characterized by the software (HM, libde265, and FFmpeg) and the hardware (Pandaboard or FPGA). Furthermore, FA and FS indicate if the accurate or the simple model (feature based accurate consisting of 90 parameters or feature based simple based on 27 parameters) is calculated.

As an example we show the RD- and the DED-curves for the BlowingBubbles sequence in this file. The values correspond to HM-decoding on the Pandaboard.

The result of the analysis is visualized in a bar diagram below. For more detailed information, a table containing all values can be found at the bottom of the page. Comparing the estimations for energy optimized bit streams (DERDO and DEO) with the estimations for classic rate-distortion optimized bit streams (RDO) we can see that block sizes get larger and the preferred DCT-size is 16×16 as it requires least processing energy.